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How to use the traditional hardware tools industry

In the first half of 2015, Tecent CEO Ma Huateng present Internet + "strategy, it may be said is flushed a term Melaleuca waves, parties chiefs are published on Internet + views and opinions. According to Ma Huateng's words, the Internet + strategy is the use of the Internet platform, the use of information and communication technology, the Internet and the traditional industries, including all walks of life together, creating a new area of ecology.

Then traditional hardware tools industry how to use the Internet + to create a new ecology, so as to achieve their own leap and take off to use good Internet +, first of all should change the thinking, in-depth analysis, depth integration, and understand the relationship between the Internet era of consumer and product." Chen Honglin, chairman of the European tools.

Use the Internet + to learn the Internet thinking

Murdoch said, we are not the number of people in the digital world, when we see the digital wave hit, we hope that it will quickly disappear. We are not the Internet world's' original ', so we have to work hard to learn the unique way of thinking of the Internet, we must take a high degree of thinking from the perspective of the Internet, or the possibility of failure is very large." Chen Honglin said.

What is the Internet thinking? "I understand the Internet thinking is an inherent in the product, the consumer, the business form of thinking, especially for business and consumer thinking, changing the entire business ecosystem." Chen Honglin explained to the author.

The emergence of the Internet has changed the relationship between people and people, between people and products, and even between people and enterprises, the three-dimensional level of relations, and its flat. Consumers are no longer through the dealer or agent a layer of contact with enterprise products, but directly to the face. The Internet is for the whole network users, is a fully market-oriented competition. "So if you want to use good Internet +, you should learn to customers as the center, or customers a 'not happy', with others products. This is the core of the Internet thinking, love users, to products, to serve to impress users."

The use of the Internet + is to let consumers echocardiography

"Let the consumer heart, you have to let your product" the United States, "Chen explained," beautiful woman always can let others heart, in order to use the Internet +, the traditional enterprise to pursue is the 'beauty' products, can always let consumers echocardiography."

Chen Honglin continues to explain the way: the United States is in fact the product is to make products, and the traditional hardware companies to do this is not easy, because the hardware is strictly a rational product. How to break the fusion of two kinds of thinking and rational thinking, so that the rational product, I think this is a hardware tool industry to use the Internet + can not be avoided.

The most effective way of the Internet era is the word of mouth spread, the biggest characteristic is unable to force. Whether microblogging or micro channel, to impress the user generated after the voluntary dissemination of the best form. Want consumers to become your voluntary channels of communication, your product must wear two 'jacket', one is the ultimate product experience, two is a strong emotional appeal." Chen Honglin said, Gan its food is a well-known Hangzhou steamed stuffed bun, itself and other similar products are no fundamental difference. Although the product quality has a more sophisticated set, but its most fundamental advantage is that its shape of the 'love'. Both on the day of the steamed stuffed bun is not sold out, 12 seconds to complete transactions to reduce waiting time for customers or employees provide dormitory, cooking aunt, custom beds and other details and so on. And this is a bit of the spread of word of mouth is constantly enlarged, and the difference between other brands will become more and more big, many things will become different. Therefore, the traditional hardware tool industry should learn how to seize the consumer's perceptual point, a strong emotional appeal, improve the user's perception, so as to come to the fore."